African Grey for Sale (Avano)

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At Exotic Parrots Shop we have the best parrots for sale. As its name indicates, the African grey is a mottled grey colored, medium-sized parrot. It has a large black bill and white mask enclosing a yellow eye, and has a striking red vent and tail . Females have a pale gray crown with dark gray edges, a gray body, and scarlet tail feathers.

Sex:  Female

Age:  3 months

Vet Check :   Yes

Status: Available

Shipping: Available




African Grey Parrot for Sale

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African grey parrots for sale. Are you looking for a pet that will love you back? Are you looking for a bird that will bring laughter and joy to your life? Look no further. At Exotic Parrot for Sale, you can buy Cheap African Grey Parrot Online from reputable breeders with secured and guaranteed shipping. We have male and female African grey parrots who are fully socialized, tamed, and hand-fed and will make an excellent addition to your family.

Before considering getting or Buying African Grey Parrot Online, we know that it requires a lot of thinking and decisions. African grey birds can be victims of feather picking, lack of calcium, vitamin-A and vitamin-D deficiency, and others. To ensure your bird is healthy, feed them a wide selection of fruits and vegetables high in beta-carotene, like cooked sweet potatoes and fresh kale, to prevent vitamin deficiencies.

Available African Grey Birds

Here at Avian Parrot for Sale, we guarantee you will receive only quality African Gray birds for sale. They are all DNA Tested, vet checked on arrival, and complete health documents provided to each customer at the time of purchase; we specialize in shipping our birds within the USA and Canada continents, and if you wish to make reservations for any of our Grey Parrots you find on our available African Grey Parrot page contact us via the contact page. We will advise you on how to proceed with your reservation process. Why You Should Own an African Grey Parrot? Owning or thinking of how and where to purchase a Cheap African Grey Parrot Online is very stressful, with many choices. We understand all this and are very concerned about you and our parrots. That is why we have put very safe and easy measures in place to ensure we meet your demand for the perfect Cheap African Grey Parrot. Purchase a Grey Parrot today from us and join our group of hundreds of families benefiting from our discounted sales, fast and secured shipping, and 24/7 after-sales services. African grey parrots, also known as the Congo bird, are brilliant and social birds capable of forming long-lasting relationships with their keepers; this companion bird is native to the equatorial regions of Africa, namely Congo, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal, and many others. This bird is monogamous in nature, and in the wild, they will mostly be spotted in flocks; African grey birds depend on one another as they use their communication skills to communicate their location, food, and if there is any danger. If you are searching online for where you can find healthy male or female African grey parrots for sale, then you are in the right place, as we have a wide selection of healthy birds that can not wait to join their new forever home. African grey parrot for sale near me, a female African grey parrot for sale, a cheap African grey parrot for sale near me, a talking African grey parrot for sale, an African grey parrot for sale in Las Vegas, African grey parrot for sale San Antonio, African grey parrot for sale baby, African grey parrot for sale Ohio, African grey parrot for sale Atlanta, African grey parrot for sale Alabama, African grey parrot for sale Arkansas, African grey parrot for sale by owner, African grey parrot for sale Brooklyn New York, African grey parrot for sale Bristol, African grey parrot for sale California, Congo African grey parrot for sale, African grey parrot for sale Jacksonville Florida,


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