Breeding African Grey Parrots


How to Breed Congo Grey Parrots

  • Get a Good Cage

It is quite easy to breed an African grey parrot as long as they are very happy with whatever breeding method you have in set up. I will advise that you get an L-shaped nesting box set up in a quiet area of the breeding cage / aviary works best. Suspended California breeding cages – (minimum dimensions: two feet wide by three feet high by six feet deep) – are a good choice.

Visual barriers between the cages are recommended – unless there is at least two feet of space between the cages. Any closer spacing without barriers results in territorial competition with constant sparring between the males.

  • Securely fastened and stable perches are necessary for mating. These can be 3/4 of an inch to 3 inches in diameter. The variation in width provides for exercise for the birds’ feet. Also install at least one cement-type perch to help keep their nails trimmed. Place this grooming perch in an area the parrots spend a good part of their time (maybe by the feeding station).
  • DIET

Providing your breeding birds, a healthy diet is essential to the breeding cycle, as they will be feeding their babies the same food. I recommend lots of fresh fruit and vegetables with a pellet diet, as they will usually fill up on seed which is not advisable. If you decide on hand rearing your baby African Greys it is best to start at about four weeks of age. provide enough calcium, the calcium will help the female laying healthy eggs and regain her energy after this exhausting event.

  • Get a Pair

The selection of the pair is the most important thing to breed African grey parrots successfully. You need your pair to be opposite in gender, and if you don’t trust the seller you need to do a DNA test to make sure, but usually, there should be a ring band on the parrots right or left eggs, that will tell you more information about it, sometimes you will find the gender, either he was a male or female.



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